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ABC Reels brings a sense of artistry to the work that raises the product to the next level, which I feel gives an edge that demands attention.
— Mike M.

abc Reels designs sophisticated demo reels, WEbsites, posters, LOGOS, & promotional materials that capture your creative essence & widen your audience. we offer editing services, graphic design, SCRIPT SERVICES, branding, & career coaching - giving you solid, experienced expertise in the development of all aspects of your career.  

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VIdeo Editing

ABC Reels designs sophisticated videos for most types of projects -- trailers, short films, web series, crowdfunding videos, music videos, & voice over demos. PLUS clip retrieval, air checks, and file conversions. 

We specialize in demo reels that highlight your very best work in under 2 minutes.  10-25 seconds of each clip, showcasing a variety of characters, looks, and genres. Casting Directors, Producers, and Directors are all extremely busy. These days, there just isn't time to sit and watch an entire scene or a three minute reel. Give them the chance to see more of you, spend less time doing it, and more time calling you in for that audition!


ABC Reels designs bold, crystal clear websites to boost your career achievements and let everyone know more about you! We will create the perfect logo to capture your essence as an artist, for use on business cards, resumes, websites, social media outlets, and email blasts. Plus high-quality graphics for one-sheets, banners, social media promos, and any other way you can imagine getting your project visible and seen. Use online and across all social media outlets, to ensure your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram pages reflect your personality and your website. We'll help you gain followers and attract new visitors to all your major sites. Don't get lost in the crowd--ABC Reels will launch you straight to the top!


ABC Reels will read, annotate, and provide expert feedback on your screenplays, pilots, short films, and sketches. Additional consultant and script doctor services also available upon request. 


Who are you in the world? What is your aesthetic? How can you stand out amongst the thousands? ABC Reels provides realistic and intuitive branding options to help capitalize on your best qualities and talents that elevate your visibility.


ABC Reels offers solid, experienced expertise in the development of all aspects of your career. Need helping prepping for an audition? Struggling to find representation? Not satisfied with your current CoStar status? Looking for an acting class? Thinking about writing a screenplay?

In today's entertainment industry, being an actor requires more than just a pretty face. The brightest and hottest stars are creating, developing, and producing their own content. Take charge of your time and develop your artistry. Tell us where you'd like to be, and let us guide you towards fulfilling your potential as an artist.  

ABC Reels took my acting scenes and turned them into a first-rate, attention-grabbing demo reel. They use a keen eye and great sense of timing. I’m thrilled my agent recommended ABC Reels.
— Danielle R.
Susanne Poster

poster design for short film "Susanne & the Man"

Los Angeles, CA

Logo DESIGN for Capital coaching studios

Washington, D.C.

If you’re looking for the perfect combination of high-level technical skill, great artistic instincts, keen industry knowledge, and an efficient but personal approach - then look no further.
— David F.



A selection of videos & artwork created for ABC Reels clients.  

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DEMO REELS (includes title card and clip titles)

  • 1st Two Minutes


  • Each Additional Minute



  • 1st Two Minutes


  • Each Additional Minute


SHORT FILMS & WEB SERIES                                   



VOICE OVER DEMOS (includes sound effects & underscoring)

  • 1st Two Minutes


  • Each Additional Minute



  • 1st Two Minutes


  • Each Additional Minute







  • Retrieval Only (web, iTunes, etc.)


  • Retrieval & Conversion


  • DVD to Digital Conversion



  • Audition/Scene Coaching


  • Career Coaching


  • Script Services




graphic design

  • Website Build


  • Logos


  • Posters


  • Social Media (banners, promos, etc.)


  • Promotional (business cards, e-blasts, etc.)


  • Graphics Package



  • Website Development


  • Social Media Development


  • Branding Package







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